Is Pebble Beach Golf Course The Best?


Pebble beach links golf club is is a centurion in golf turning 100 years of age in 2019. And it was only 19 years ago (only 19 years, there are kids on the pro tour younger than that) the USGA celebrated it’s 100th U.S Open at Pebble Beach golf links. And guess who won? Yes, Tiger Woods was crowned champion again.

Pebble beach or ‘pebbles’ charm is the mix of ocean waves crashing against the course, natural links beauty and it’s rich history in the game of golf. But is it a great course to play? Golfdigest have it as the 12 best golf course in the world behind the likes of St Andrews Golf Course (old course), Augusta National Golf Club, Riviera Country Club to name a few.

Let’s out team at ProgolfersCBD give you our opinion on if this is one of the best golf courses to play.

Play Around Pebbles Beautiful Course

The opening holes: Some say the first hole is the worst in golf? Now we will agree it’s not the greatest hole on the course, but come on you’re playing a legend of a golf course, we are sure you’ve played some terrible opening holes in your time. St Andrews hole one isn’t the most exciting with a fairway as wide as an airfield, but when you add in that clubhouse, beautiful little town and brisk Scottish wind you mislead to believe it’s magical.

The opening holes are a great warmup for what’s to come. Something we want you to think about is this; Don’t read reviews on ‘what’s the best golf course to play in the world’, just go out there, grab your clubs book a round and play it. A day golfing is never a day wasted.

The Iconic Cliffs on Hole 6 Are A Sight For Sore Eyes!

The 18th hole at Pebble gets most of the coverage and creates a talking point, but when you play Pebble Beach take in the beauty of the 6th and 7th hole. Not only are they a tough pair of holes, especially if the pacific wind picks up, they are memories forever. Just imaging Tiger Woods playing on the same turf as you and then thinking did he really take a 7 iron his second shot at 6? 

Closing Holes Of The Round.

Once you get through hole 10 you’ll be exhausted. Holes 6 to 10 are mighty. So exhale and enjoy the last 8 holes.

The landscape between holes 11 &16 are just breath taking make sure you absorb everything in. This is when, weirdly, you can relax a little. Then bang here comes holes 17 and 18.

Dependant on the wind these can be absolute monsters. If the wind picks up you are going to hit shots you never thought you could hit good or bad. But you’re at pebble beach enjoy it! 

Standing on the 18th tee you have one thought and one thought only; FEAR! However it’s a par 5 you can bail to the right with your drive and play 2 shots into the green imagining you’re the last group on a Sunday and you’re leading the U.S Open with 4 shots in hand.

Honestly you’ll be blown away by the whole golf experience at Pebble Beach.

How Much To Play Pebble Beach Golf Links?

Book a one off tee time or stay and play are your options. 2 night packages, with 2 rounds including Pebble Beach Links and Spyglass Hill Golf Course start at $2445. One off rounds for non guests are $550 + $45pp cart fee. 

At ProGolfersCBD we’d say that as golf enthusiasts like you Pebble Beach is worth every penny, you’ll never forget it!

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