Golf’s not-so-secret fascination with CBD oil.

Back in 2018 at the Boca Raton Golf invitational CBD brand Functional Remedies Endosport placed a bottle of CBD pills inside Scott McCarron’s locker. This is not uncommon, regularly brands will gift product for PGA tour players to sample. Scott at the time just happen to be the number one player on the PGA Champions Tour. 

McCarron was very honest and admitted that he didn’t really know a great deal about CBD Oil or the benefits of CBD Oil, but he knew enough from other athletes that uses CBD (cannabidiol) to realize that it could help in pain relief and other ailments like poor sleep.

CBD is a supplement derived from the hemp plant with the THC (illegal component) extracted to below .3% the legal limit. 

“I went and tried it about two weeks later when I went home. I measure my sleep with a device called WHOOP,” McCarron said.

“That’s a sleep and strain device. Major League Baseball, NFL and Olympic athletes use the device. For the first time in about two years that I’d been wearing the device, I was taking the CBD oil, started on Monday and had sleep in the green, which is fantastic sleep, for seven days straight the first time I took this CBD oil at night to help me sleep.”

McCarron has now been using the products for nearly two years and is among a growing list of PGA Champions Tour players using CBD oil for various reasons, including sleep, recovery, anxiety and inflammation. Through word of mouth of the perceived benefits, the products have spread on the Champions Tour.

Ever popular now with the senior Pro Golfers on tour and amateurs CBD Oil has taken a little longer to become popular on the main PGA Tour. However with the likes of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson being seen chewing CBD gum this not so secret secret  is out there and being used and endorsed by many pro tour players including, Bubba Watson, David Toms, Vaughn Taylor, DJ Trahan, Kenny Perry, Tom Kite and Scott Piercy, among others.

Scott McCarron said CBD oil has changed his sleep, improving it. He sees the benefits other Tour pros are now seeing, too.

Is CBD Safe For Golfers.?

▷ ▷ ▷ Check out the video of Phil Mickelson taking CBD oil at the 2019 Masters!!!

Let’s be honest, the reason CBD oil has been more popular on the Champions Tour is the players are simply older. The senior golfers bodies are changing all the time and swinging a golf club week in week out takes it toll even on the pro golfer.

Another big reason the senior players are more open to using CBD Oil, pills and gummies is because they are not drug-tested in the same way as the under-50 crowd on the PGA Tour.

CBD is derived from the hemp plant, which is a strain of cannabis, but it is grown and used to make the products because it typically contains less than 0.3% THC. ThC is the psychoactive ingredient that causes a high.

THC is a banned substance by WADA (The World Anti-Doping Agency). And because  CBD Golf products are currently not regulated by the FDA, there is a level of uncertainty about what is actually in the product. But again if players like Scott and Bubba Watson are using and endorsing CBD in Golf that suggest the companies they use extensively test their products to ensure safe usage for the pro tour players.

“I think everybody [on the Tour] was taking a wait-and-see approach,” McCarron said.

“They want to make sure CBD Golf is legal and there is nothing in it. One of the things with the Tour, to their credit, they put out a statement saying it’s not illegal to take this substance, but you better make sure you know what’s in it.”

Let’s repeat that “it’s not illegal to take this substance (CBD), but you better make sure you know what’s in it.” So is it about time you started using this not so secret secret golf game enhancer? CBD Golf, you decide.

Source article: ESPN Golf

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