Augusta national golf club how to play


Firstly how can we talk about Augusta National Golf Club and not mention the, to some, the greatest golfer of all time Tiger Woods! Tigers newest green jacket at the masters has made this great course even more popular with recreational golfers.

So What About The Augusta Course?

No golf club has changed  its golf course as often or as effectively over the decades as has Augusta National Golf Club. Why have they changed so much? Simple, to ensure the course remains competitive as golf equipment gets better, the pro tour players get better and the golf ball travels further.

One of your greatest days in golf will be when you decide to spend a day playing and absorbing this beautiful golf course. The way the course flows, routes with elevation changes is just phenomenal. Amen corner is just stunning, and if we are honest, it will scare the life out of you. But that’s a great thing. Golf should be a challenge, should be enjoyable and should scare you a little if not a lot.

And the speed of the greens if you get on the course on a fast day, wow. Make sure you have more than a couple of golf ball sleeves.

Augusta National or Masters course will challenge every department of your game. Putting we know about, because believe us when we say the greens are lightening. Then there is he chip shots and pitch shots you have to play if you miss the green even by inches, scary! Tough pitching and chipping and lightening greens wow!

WOW is simply what Augusta National makes you feel when you navigate from hole 1 to 18. A day you’ll never forget.

We always say; don’t listen to our reviews go and play Augusta National Golf Club. Not maybe, go and do it, it is simple phenomenal.

Cost To Play Augusta National?

Augusta National is one of the most exclusive and best-known golf clubs in the world. But there are still several ways to get to play at Augusta.

  1. Qualify for The Masters Tournament. Seriously this might be your best bet!
  2. Become a member; However the club does not accept membership applications, as membership is by invitation only. 
  3. Join Augusta Country Club [not the national, but]. When members of Augusta National need a fourth to make up a fourball they have been known to phone Augusta CC, which neighbours their property, to see if one of their members is free to pop over.
  4. Work as a caddie there –  caddies are allowed one round a year.
  5. Be invited by a member. There is only 300!
  6. Work for Augusts National Golf Club, employees are allowed one round a year.

Good luck, we suggest you go through your full friends list and find out who knows who.

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